What’s with this One Word for the new year? Have resolutions gotten so tiresome that we’ve reduced them to one measly word?! ?  Not that I don’t like this idea. I’m not a person who makes resolutions, but one word I can handle. Or can I?

In the second half of December, when I saw dozens of people posting their WORD for 2018 on social media, I may have rolled my eyes. It wasn’t because I dislike the idea. I like it. But on old Twitter I had trouble paring 160 characters down to 140, which is why I love new Twitter so much. Twice as many words, you say? “Hell yes!” I shout at the ceiling.

So, back to the ‘one word’ thing.

I totally understand the value of choosing a single word that sets an intention for the year and calls me to action. But CHOOSING JUST ONE WORD? The likelihood that I would do that at the first of the year was slim, skinny — like very, very skinny.

As I thought about one word, I managed to come up with three words, a phrase that I really like: Every Moment Matters. It calls me to action and inspires me. THAT is my word, I thought.

But you know how it goes. Then, I tried my phrase on for a few days. It felt perfect at first, comfortable, familiar, totally doable, but … safe, way too safe. I say a bit more about that in the video.

Then finally I settled on a word – one word: SHINE.

But can I live a whole year in all caps?! I know SHINE calls me to action and brings out the best in me. I know it compels me to be a bigger person, more generous, more transparent about who I am, more open and more receptive. It also reminds me to stay jovial, as I naturally am much of the time. So even though the word itself can sound self-indulgent and self-centred, and that perception makes me uncomfortable, I know this word is so much bigger than I am.

I’m just going to have to trust more, worry less, put myself out there more often, continue to reflect the light in others, continue to connect and share generously, continue to achieve, continue to have fun, continue to expand professionally, and essentially get waaaaay out of my comfort zone in order to SHINE. That’s the word. My word.

I am curious about you too! What’s your word, or resolution, or main motivator going into 2018?

Maybe you’ve tried this one word thing in past years and you’re over it. It’s not for you?

Or maybe you choose one word every year, and you love it! If that’s the case can you dish some advice about how to maintain focus on my one word because I’m a newb.

Whatever the case may be, Happy New Year!