Tonight was date night, and we went to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I’m sure we just saw one of the best movies of the year! The Kingsman movies have five things I love in an epic hero adventure…

Five Things I Love in a Good Epic Hero Adventure

  1. There’s an opening scene that sling-shoots us into the middle of the action!
  2. The growing tension of a tight storyline pulls us into the rising action.
  3. There’s a band of admirable good guys and a loveable hero!
  4. An older, wiser mentor helps the hero, and there’s a love interest or tight community of allies that create meaningful relationships around our hero too.
  5. The hero conquers obstacles, overcomes adversaries, and defeats a loathsome ‘bad guy’. (In this case the deeply disturbed drug-lord CEO Poppy Adams, played by Julianne Moore!)

Because this sequel just opened in theatres, we bought our tickets ahead of time online and arrived early to avoid opening week line-ups. We slipped into the theatre early (woo hoo!) then settled in with our bags of popcorn, sodas and king-size expectations.

The top three rows in the theatre were reserved for D-Box ticket holders. Because we were sitting in the fourth row from the top – the row in front of the D-Boxers – the seats behind us were rattling around in tandem with the epic action on screen. I could feel the tremors from my seat because HOLY GUACAMOLE the storyline in the film is thrilling!

I don’t want to dish up any spoilers, but after a thrilling opening sequence, the Kingsman agents are forced to implement their ‘Doomsday Protocol’ and flee to . . . Kentucky? There, they come face-to-face with allies and adversaries when they meet the Statesmen secret agents.

And I’ll just tell you this: the audience broke out in spontaneous applause as soon as the credits started to roll. It was one of those movies.

If you loved Kingsman: The Secret Service, as I did, you’ll be on the edge of your seat in the sequel too. Go see it! The final scene in The Golden Circle is a tease, so now I have king-size hopes for the next sequel.

I can’t wait!